Today we looked at a very lame pickup artist who left a strange voicemail for a lady. One commenter helpfully translated the subtext of the message and arrived at a depressing social conclusion.

From talithaghetto:

the subtext of this voicemail according to me:
"hi, i'm involved with this other woman and it's getting pretty serious. i'm considering making a serious commitment to her. we've actually already taken the first step and moved in together which has scared me so much i have to rail against it by proving i'm still free by cheating. i'm not trapped.
also, i don't know if i'm "all in". i'm not totally convinced. i need to do some comparison shopping, if you know what i mean. like trying five pair of shoes on before i make a purchase, even though i knew the first pair were just right when i slipped them on, you know? if i cheat with you on the side, i'll have a little side by side comparison, then i'll know i'm making the right choice- that she's the best choice (or not), the one for me (or not), and it will put my mind at ease.
i'm sure you'll wait a month for my call even though you know i'm involved with someone else and i probably won't leave her for you, because, you know, women are so fucking desperate."
why do men think women are so fucking desperate? oh, yeah, because so many women act desperate, they make us all look bad. don't hate. it's true. i know we're not all like that, so if you're not desperate, don't act like i called you out personally, but don't act that way.

Is it true?