New, creative dance styles are always welcome on the SYTYCD stage. Malinda Jacobson's Hick Hop. The Frankenstein monster made from hip hop, square, line and break dancing, Malinda thinks it's the next big thing. Delusions of grandeur, anyone?

As I see it, the Electric and Cha-Cha Slides double teamed the Cotton Eyed Joe and nine months later out popped Hick Hop. I'd try to break down the exact mechanics of the style for you, but I don't think I can explain it better than the creator, founder, and I'm sure only practitioner of the hybrid genre. Malinda will get into the finer details of this classic dance.

The only thing better than her awkward interview is the dance itself. Let the schadenfreude commence in three... two... one...

So Malinda isn't America's next favorite dancer. At least the judges have fine tuned their skill in giving left handed compliments?