Oh. Em. Gee. You. Guys. It's no surprise that Lady Gaga's appeal transcends pretty much every gradient of society, but did you ever expect Bill O'Reilly to, like, totally, like, fangirl out for her? Well, he did tonight. Kind of.

At the tail end of tonight's episode of The O'Reilly Factor, Billy Boy and Fox News anchorwoman Jane Skinner had a delicious discussion related to Gaga's recent Larry King Live appearance (the best moments of which can be found here). Anyway! Watch first, analyze afterward.

"Would you let them look at Lady Gaga?" O'Reilly asked of Skinner about her nine-year-old twins. Um, duh. Why is he even asking this question? Because, seconds later, O'Reilly exclaimed, "We like Lady Gaga!" Obviously.

"She appeared on Larry King," O'Reilly then stated, before playing a clip reel of Gaga's appearance last night on the CNN staple (again, highlights here). Then, O'Reilly lamented the fact that Gaga rejected his request for an interview on the Factor, and even offered to dress up like "a mummy" to entice her to come.

Then, O'Reilly's passionate, obsessive, loin-burning love for everything Gaga came out: "Oh, man, I hope she comes on the factor. I'm gonna make an appeal now to Lady Gaga... we'll let you know if Gaga comes on," he blurted like Ja'mie King, except less acidic.

Gaga and King was one thing. Gaga and O'Reilly? Just the thought of it makes me spastic.

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