Larry "Pants on the Ground" Platt is not dead, 90s Nickelodeon stars, Big Bang stars want a raise, Old Christine is dead, Liza Minelli will not appear on Celebrity Rehab, and a super-cool graphic of Television University.

"Everything I ever learned I learned from a TV." Image via Ex-Genius]

In TV News...

  • Richard Lawson and Brian Moylan have whipped up an excellent guide of Summer TV. [Gawker]
  • ABC has decided not to save The New Adventures of Old Christine. Maybe they learned something after reviving Scrubs. [Zap2it]
  • Kathy Griffin has stripped down in hopes of increasing her chances of nabbing an emmy. [THe Hollywood Reporter]
  • Wrestler Chris Jericho will host a Downfall, ABC's "extreme game show" that will throw things off of skyscrapers. [TV Squad]
  • A new, anime version of Thundercats is being made and will air on Cartoon Network in 2011. [Splashpage]
  • Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons—stars of The Big Bang Theory—are asking for major raises. Instead of the $65,000/episode check they're getting, they'd like $250,000. Uh, me too. [Forbes]
  • It was rumored that Larry "Pants on the Ground" Platt is alive, not stabbed-to-death, as previously reported. [The Wrap]
  • Something else that was just a rumor: Liza Minelli appearing on Celebrity Rehab. Her rep told US Weekly that Liza would "not now, nor will ever be, on 'Celebrity Rehab.'" [TV Squad]
  • 90s Nickelodeon stars—where are they now? [Flavorwire]

Around the Web...

  • There is so much wrong with these Twilight-themed Master Cards... Tween lovers of Robert Pattinson, don't do it—it's not worth years of debt! [Movieline]
  • Vimeo has announced their first-ever ceremony and awards! It will run from October 8th - 9th. [Mashable]
  • Josh Holloway (aka Lost's Sawyer) is apparently in the running for a role in The Avengers. Sounds pretty awesome to me! [Cinematical]
  • Must blog Pop Tarts Suck Toasted is shutting down. [Pop Tarts]
  • How 20 popular sites looked when they first launched. [Telegraph]
  • Here's a question I'd never thought of before: Jam Band or member of the Taliban? [JamBandorTaliban?]
  • The 25 best BP Oil Spill protest signs. [Buzzfeed]