The Paris Review has started a blog! Which is welcome news because it is a good publication, and we now get to read engaging, thoughtful posts on a daily basis. Things like softball game recaps!

Star Parisian pitcher David "Strasburg" Kanon locked the Vanity Fair "Veefers" up with a dominant complete game performance this week, but later complained that his arm "felt like jello at the end." It was worth it, though, because the little guys took down the Yankees of magazines in a triumphant 6-2 victory. Their injured interns even contributed to the win. Meanwhile, the Veefers are stunned that the small-market Parisians continue to own them on the diamond. From The Paris Review Daily:

Just as the game wrapped up, and Vanity Fair was left to make peace with its disappointing loss, an otherworldly rainbow stretched itself across Central Park, proof that the gods of weather and softball fortune were with us. The crew repaired to a nearby watering hole to celebrate the victory, while the Veefers-gentlemen and ladies on the field but petulant in defeat-wandered off into the night, dazed and blinking."

Take that, Graydon. The Parisians are proof that money can't buy everything. Next week the Veefers take on Scientific American.

[Image via Flickr user bbum]