Today's summer concert series featured Justin Bieber and wild, crazy pre-teen girls seem to completely surround 30 Rock. For some ungodly reason the, show held interviews with Jonah Hill, Elisabeth Moss, and NHL's Vice President outside among the screaming tweens.

Matt Lauer ushered young Bieber outside to see his fans, while letting him know that many of them have been sleeping outside for days, awaiting his arrival. (Note: the screaming goes from zero to 60 in a matter of seconds, so let your ears beware!)

Below, the interview with Jonah Hill and Elisabeth Moss goes pretty poorly. The constant screaming makes it difficult for everyone to hear each other, and eventually Bieber interrupts.

I wonder if Get Him to the Greek's PR team regrets booking their stars in an interview that's too loud to talk about anything else than Bieber Fever?