NY Post intern James Cahalan hit the jackpot: For an exposé on underage drinking, his employer sent him on a 30-stop bar crawl to see who would serve him. Byline and free booze—do summer internships get any better?

Underage boozing hasn't been this good since whenever the last local paper sent a "baby-faced 20-year-old intern" on a sponsored bar crawl. The Post's undercover baby boozer got served at 17 of 30 bars and bodegas "in trouble for selling to minors in the last year." Unfortunately, they made a mistake in their headline. Where it reads "Underage Post intern scores bar brews," please substitute, "Underage Children! NYU Freshmen! Get Your Illegal Jägerbombs Here!" That's right, here:

* Eladio Silverio, a.k.a. Angelica, deli, 301 E. Houston St.

* EZ Mini Mart, deli, 52 Rivington St.

* J&K Deli Grocery, a.k.a. Esteves Grocery, 219 Eldridge St.

* Don Juan Deli Grocery, 110 Forsyth St.

* Quick Stop, deli, 390 Third Ave. Clerk looked at ID.

* Kate's Joint, bar, 58 Ave. B. Bartender checked ID.

* St. Jerome's, bar, (known as "Belly" on SLA summons), 155 Rivington St.

* Salt Bar, 29 Clinton St.

* Alphabet Lounge, bar, 104 Ave. C. Bouncer looked at ID.

* Sequoias Deli, 515 Second Ave. Clerk took ID.

* Cosmic Cantina, bar, 99 Third Ave. Bartender took ID.

* Pranna, restaurant, 97 Madison Ave.

* Crash Mansion, nightclub, 199 Bowery. Bouncer swiped ID.

* PS Plus Inc., a.k.a. Deli & Grocery, 666 Sixth Ave. Clerk took ID.

* Sagaponack Bar & Grill (summons under Star Bar), 4 W. 22nd St.

* Bollywood Corner, deli, 136 E. 28th St. Clerk looked at ID.

* Jin Won Food, deli, 575 Eighth Ave.

James' article says he didn't drink any of the liquor he was served. Not even a sip? Not one bitsy bitty boo? C'mon, James, you can tell us. [NYPost]