Hello everyone! I am your new Gawker staffer Jim Newell, and I will be writing about everyone's favorite horror show, American politics, right here all day every day. Should you even bother reading? Yes! (Please?)

So what's going on here? I come directly from the "notorious" political comedy blog Wonkette.com, where I had been an editor since 2007. The first six months of that term were under the ownership of the Gawker, after which we went independent in order to become more, uh, authentic, and also because Gawker Media was getting rid of us. We went on to do a bunch of silly things, like single-handedly getting Barack Obama elected president and his health care bill through Congress, with some jokes thrown in along the way.

It was fun. But now it's over, and I'm here with you lovely people!

We have so much to... look forward to... in American politics, really, for the foreseeable future. Right now is a rare moment when members of Congress are simultaneously working through a major legislative agenda and campaigning hard for November's elections, a patriotic tandem of incentives that provides us with insane amounts of hourly bullshit to cover. And right after the election, Republican presidential candidates will be throwing their hats in the ring. Yes, already! Literally within a matter of months! Around Thanksgiving time!

God I am so looking forward to covering those Republican primary debates early next year, and so should you. Check out the picture of Mitt Romney up there; we'll be seeing a lot of him, soon enough. He's hilarious. I haven't had wire photo access in two years, so this is great, like a fancy limo of to ride around in all day. Soon it will be all funny Mitt Romney pics, all the time, from me. You'll love it, maybe.

[Image via AP]