Famously-surnamed blank slate Andrew Cuomo is running for governor of New York. His longtime ladyfriend is famous American pseudochef Sandra Lee. So, she is probably incredibly charming and media-savvy, eh? Ha, the funny thing is, she is not.

Apparently Sandra Lee is just kind of running around shilling a certain brand of tuna fish and then acting shocked and caught off guard when somebody asks her about her main squeeze, Andrew Cuomo, who is running for governor here in the media capital of the world, New York? Sandra Lee hides in a trailer paid for by a tuna fish company, cowering from the withering gaze of the New York Times? And when she finally talks to a reporter she says the 1940s-housewife style thing, "I do food and home and garden, and leave politics to my honey - he's wonderful at that..That's his world, and moms with kids is my world." Math is hard, LOL! Could she get any worse?

Hours earlier, on "Good Day New York," a program on the city's Fox station, Ms. Lee had looked both annoyed and surprised when questions about Mr. Cuomo came up. "I stand behind him, or you know, in front of him, whatever he needs," she finally said, after failing to steer the conversation back to tuna. "It's about him right now." A moment later, she added, "I have to tell you, when he's interviewed, I hope everyone talks to him about my Food Network shows and my magazine and Starkist!"

Your nasty tuna recipes suck, lady. Welcome to New York.

[NYT. Pic: Getty]