Vogue editor Sally Singer is the new editor of the New York Times' T Magazine.

Update: Here's he memo from Times executive editor Bill Keller that went out a short time ago:


In the weeks since Stefano Tonchi moved on to his next challenge, we have considered a wide range of impressive candidates to succeed him, inside The Times and outside. We cast a wide net, to assure ourselves that we were not overlooking an amazing editor. We were looking for someone with the imagination and taste to envision the next generation of this extraordinary franchise, and the experience to make it happen. The speculation has been furious; would we pick, to quote one observer (and candidate) "a contemporary Carrie Donovan, an updated Amy Spindler, or simply the new Stefano Tonchi?"

None of the above. We have chosen the original, one and only Sally Singer.

Sally needs no introduction to anyone with even a passing interest in the fashion industry. She has been at Vogue since 1999, where she oversees the fashion news and features departments, Before that she was fashion director at New York Magazine, style director of Elle, and the commissioning editor for features at British Vogue.

She has edited at the London Review of Books, Verso/New Left Review, and Farrar Straus and Giroux. She has written for the Atlantic Monthly, the Economist, the Guardian and the Times Literary Supplement, among other publications. She attended the University of California at Berkeley and did graduate work in American studies at Yale.

As her resume — and her successes at Vogue — will testify, she has the combination of aesthetic sense and intellectual curiosity suited to a style magazine that wears the name of The New York Times. The Atlantic described her last year as having "the most sociologically and historically sophisticated antennae in fashion," which is probably true, but misses her gifts as a surrogate for the modern American consumer — not to mention her sense of fun.

Sally will take over T in July, and use her initial weeks to get to know the ropes before settling into an office. In the meantime, Gerry Marzorati will continue to assist the incredibly talented team of editors, designers and writers who have been — and will remain — so essential to the success of T.