Today we asked you a hard question: Which company is worse, BP or Goldman Sachs? It's a toughie! And you guys were understandably split. One commenter, though, made a clear and compelling case for BP to win the poop crown.

From femmyror:

If it wasn't for the fact that was happens in the U.S. has huge consequences for the rest of the world, I would have just thrown my hands in the air and said "If that's what you want, morons, you get what you deserve", when the American people elected Bush president. For a SECOND term. Thus giving a green light to deregulation of every kind, across the board – large corporations shouldn't be reigned in, this is America! Let them do w h a t e v e r they want. Play with people's money. Sure. Do whatever they want with the earth. Great! What could go wrong? As long as everyone is free to do as they please, with no interference, that's what important anyway, screw the consequences. And now here we fucking are...

And that's my roundabout way of saying: don't blame 'government', blame the people who voted for said government. Cheney, I mean Bush, just implemented what people said - with their vote - they wanted. Which doesn't mean we shouldn't loathe the greedy, despicable snakes (no offense to snakes) of big business; oh, we should (and how!). Just because they lawfully could commit these horrible acts, toy with everyone's wellbeing and future, doesn't mean they fucking should. I hope they choke on a pretzel and die, then go to a place where they'll roast forever.

But who is worse? BP. BP, absolutely. Because what we, being a horrible, arrogant species, do to ourselves, well that's really sad and unfortunate. But we have NO fucking right to destroy the planet for all other living things.