Snakes! Nobody likes them. Especially Salma Hayek. The actress was recently doing an interview when something large slithered onto the scene and sent her shrieking. She may not shriek for long, though. All the snakes are dying, science fears.

Indeed, researchers in Africa and Europe have noted a significant decline in population of eleven species of serpent across the two continents, which could spell doom for certain ecosystems. Snakes are typically very useful at keeping rodent populations, like rats, at bay. So if the snakes disappear, could there be another Black Plague? The article says nothing of the sort, but what the hell, let's be alarmist: Black Plague to Definitely Return to Europe. Damn you, St. Patrick!!

Though, what does Salma know about snake extinction and plague. She's over here in the good ol' USA, where the snakes are still large and snakey and terribly surprising. I can't tell if this video is faked or not, but it kinda doesn't seem like it is? Watch as her Grown Ups costars Maya Rudolph and Maria Bello go from being scared of the snake to being scared of Salma's hideous wailing.