We were too busy eating gelato last night to actually watch The City. However our fictional freelancer Betsey Morgenstern was on the prowl and will bring you all the dirt on her newest nemesis Louise Roe.

Gettying into a Rou: A Field Guide
by Betsey Morgenstern
Personnel Director, Nonsociety.com

It was a rough Fashion Week for me. Not only was I banned from all the shows I found out that Louise Roe was in town. Who is she? She is the ex of my ex boyfriend Freddie Fackelmayer. If you remember, I made break up with Whitney Port so that we could keep dating. Then he dumped me for this nasty skank. Here's all you need to know about Louise.

Name: Louise Roe

Profession: Fashion journalist, she is a regular on E!'s Fashion Police and a co-host of their Live from the Oscars. She also pens a column for MSN News. Thanks to a push from Elle's PR guru Erin Kaplan, she is now the on-air (on-web?) hostess for Elle.com

Residence: Born in London but lives in L.A.

Boyfriends: We don't know about her love life, but I hate her forever for stealing Freddie Fackelmayer.

Friends: She has a strong champion in Erin Kaplan, who introduced her to Joe Zee, Elle's creative director. Kaplan also got her a job working at Elle.com with Editor-in-Chief Robbie Myers' approval. Still has yet to meet Olivia Palermo, who she replaced. Louise ran into Whitney Port and her friend Sammie—a buyer at Bergdorf Goodman who is only good for getting tickets to fashion shows—backstage after the Charlotte Ronson show. They were cordial and seemed like they wanted to hang out again because they were wearing the same color nail polish. Roxy Carmichael Olin will probably hate her, but she was too busy doing work during fashion week to meet her. Work makes Roxy break out in fits of hatred.

Style: Dressed as a conservative but contemporary British fashionista. Anna Wintour would be proud.

Rivalries: Olivia Palermo will surely be pissed Louise took her job at Elle.com. However, it's Olivia's fault for not getting an interview with Marc Jacobs (her close personal friend) after the Marc by Marc Jacobs show. She also overslept and missed her chance to interview Badgley Mischka after their show. Because she was absent, Joe Zee asked her to step in and take Olivia's place. She did an excellent job, and asked some real pressing questions, instead of just giggling about her outfit like Olivia usually does.

Threat Level: Major. She may not even live in New York or be dating Freddie anymore, but that doesn't mean she couldn't get him back at any time.

Strategy for Taking Her Down: This is obvious. I must find a way to get her visa revoked. That shouldn't be hard. Maybe I just need to plant something in her luggage when she leaves New York for L.A. and make a call to that boy Joey from Homeland Security that owes me a favor. What, I didn't go to D.C. to give blow jobs in bar bathrooms in Adams Morgan for the fun of it!