The Way We Live Now: Deepening the divide between rich and poor, with cheap labor, wielding golden pickaxes. Don't steal those pickaxes. We counted them beforehand. When you're done widening that trench, holler. We'll be on the mega-yacht.

When the rich have too much and the poor have too little, then you average it out and everybody has just enough, proving capitalism works. The rich have the $24 million Strand Craft yacht, complete with a superluxury car you can drive right off the dock; the poor have abortion via video doctor. The rich have restaurants with reservations; the poor no longer get reservations, because, fuck it, they can stand in line. The rich have crystal stemware; the poor have McDonald's Shrek glasses full of cadmium, but they can trade them in for three dollars, which is more than reasonable. The rich have towns like Beverly Hills, which are nice; the poor have towns like Central Falls, Rhode Island, which is damn near bankrupt. The rich have no estate tax, so they can pass on billions to their heirs tax-free; The poor have no estate tax, so they can pass on jack shit.

By "poors," we mean you.