Today at Gawker.TV, Jon Stewart has ideas for fighting unemployment, America's Got Talent comedian bombs-yet-survives by insulting the audience, Gordon Ramsay kicks off a Hell's Kitchen contestant, and Chris Rock calls Jay Leno a "bad, bad man" to his face.

Chris Rock Tells Jay Leno He's a "Bad Man" on the Tonight Show
Team CoCo's voice was heard last night when Chris Rock interviewed on The Tonight Show couch. Between criticizing Kevin Eubanks' departure and saying "I can't believe you're back! You're a bad man, Jay Leno," it was interview for the ages.

Comedian Stands Back Up and Triumphs Over Audience, Judges on America's Got Talent
Comedian Doogie Horner was pronounced dead before he even walked onto the stage, but—in biblical fashion—Horner managed to resurrect himself and win over the hearts of his audience and judges. Viewers, have we found our new TV messiah?

Jon Stewart Has an Idea For Fighting Unemployment
Last night on the Daily Show, Jon Stewart looked at the recent spike in employment. After learning that most of the new jobs were temporary jobs, Stewart came up with a number of options to make those census jobs last.

The Hills Have Problems, Too
While the rest of the world is concerned with things like oil-contaminated oceans, the global economy, and political unrest, the ladies of The Hills show us how truly well off we are in this highly edited argument.

Crazy Cook Gets Kicked Out of Hell's Kitchen
For the second time in Hell's Kitchen history, a cook left in the middle of service. However, since Andrew's a bit off his rocker to begin with, it's probably better that he didn't work in a room full of knives.