What with all the selling of kids, and terrorizing of kids, and forcing kids to fight, and dressing kids as Hitler, you may have assumed that parents today could not get any worse. Wrong! They can also ignore their kids.

In the olden days parents had to make a conscious decision—or an unconscious decision, if they were big drinkers—to block out the moans and whines of their kids and retreat into their own sweet, neglectful world. No more! Now they can just look at the iPhone and the computer internet and the Twitter and it's like, what kid? Now scientists say this latest generation of whelps is traumatized (and probably made dumber, as well) by their parents' technology addictions. Mommy loves the computer more than you, kids. Why don't you go play on the Playstation?

In defense of technology, it has improved the clock radio. So let's not be hasty in our judgment.

[Pic: Shutterstock]