Addiction recovery is a lonely road to walk—all your party friends are gone. Add a vacation house in booze-happy edens like Fire Island and the Hamptons, and it becomes even lonelier. The New York Times gets this.

They get it so hard! Here is an article called Summer In a Sober House about the fascinating and lovable weirdos who decided to get a vacation house in those summer communities and make it a sober place. You see all the regulars are out sucking gin off each other's tits, but these brave boring people are home alone, fondling their surfboards and recalling better/worse times. While it might be nice to just think Hey, the people in that house don't drink, whatevs, this is not really a possibility when the Times gets involved, because they are always hungry for a Trend Story. And this is a kind of Trend Story. Sober people in Montauk. Sober gay people on Fire Island. (That is so rare! Just ask Brian Moylan!) Let's do a fascinating dissection of how these lonely loners deal in a place where everyone else is out doin' the drunk-humps and vomiting up their college degrees.

Why must the Times do pieces like these? Because what else would blogs link to, that's why.