A goat named Lancelot has attacked Rep. Anthony Weiner, on Capitol Hill. Any questions? Okay, fine, it was his own borrowed goat. He had brought two goats to the Hill to discuss ending some goat subsidy, before the malicious assault.

The Wall Street Journal reports this disturbing news:

Following through on plans announced Wednesday, Rep. Anthony Weiner held a press conference Thursday with two live mohair goats on Capitol Hill. Weiner used the goats to highlight how he wants to cut an outdated federal subsidy - but the congressman himself got nicked on the hand by a sharp-horned goat named Lancelot. The beast, perhaps a fan of the mohair subsidy, left a mark - a tiny piece of torn skin on the congressman's right hand - but Weiner succeeded in getting his point across that a decades-old subsidy to mohair producers is outdated.

Yeah, why subsidize these fucking monsters that just try to kill you all the time?

[Image via Getty]