The Way We Live Now: Relatively well! Better than North Koreans, at least. Sure, our debt may be "unsustainable," but we're eating at restaurants in moderately priced suits, which is more than those North Koreans can say for themselves.

Whenever you think to yourself, "I have a 'challenge' in my life, and that 'challenge' is that it sure is hard for me to spend this $100 bill," then what you can do is simply to consider the case of the North Korean construction worker and his wife who "scrape out a living selling small bags of detergent on the black market," but then, ha, wouldn't you know it, the government decided to devalue the currency, and their life savings' value fell from $1560 to $30.

Cause when you think about this poor motherfucker in North Korea, you look around and you say to yourself, "Perhaps here, in the USA is not so bad. Sure, we may be recession-ravaged shopping addicts carrying around a debt we'll never pay back, but god damn it, we live in a nation that supports Men's Wearhouse, and we support a restaurant industry recovery, and we support mafia boiler room scams fleecing seniors of cash they don't even need, too. We support all types of entrepreneurialism here."

So when you're feeling sorry for yourself, remember: the USA currency is not devalued. You can still get a great suit at a great price. I guarantee it.

(Guarantee not legally binding).