Three-year-old Alex Voutsinas rolled down a Disney World sidewalk in his stroller, oblivious to his future wife—the then-5-year-old Donna—posing with Mr. Smee mere yards away. When they found the picture decades later, "it just blew our minds."

The Toronto Star tells the story of the couple who had not yet met, but would one day fall in love.

That fateful realization came just one week before their wedding eight years ago. Alex and Donna had been going through old family snapshots. There, in the blurry background of a picture of 5-year-old Donna was 3-year-old Alex being pushed down Main Street at the same moment in 1980 by his father. The senior Voutsinas's distinctive jet-black hair with its white tuft caught his eye.

"My mother pulled out albums from the same trip. My dad is wearing exactly the same outfit."

Isn't this how the movie Sliding Doors begins? Or maybe a scene from Dharma & Greg?

"It just blew our minds when we realized," Alex Voutsinas, a 32-year-old transplanted Montrealer told the Star Thursday from south Florida.

"I got chills. It was just too much of a coincidence. It was fate."

But does "a smile mean friendship to everyone"? The rest of Disney's lyrics have yet to be confirmed. [TorontoStar via super-commenter GlasgowRose, who also wrote the headline]