The World Cup soccer games started today in South Africa and the whole world (minus America) is all excited. We've already looked at the sexy players, but what about those crazy football fans? They sure are... something!

You thought American football fans took the cake with their Styrofoam cheese heads and exposed, painted flesh in sub-zero temperatures. Well, you're wrong. Soccer fans the world over are just as intense as they dress up and get crazy to root for their home team. Afro wigs, mohawks, giant glasses, traditional national dress, and horns seem to be favorite outfits. Let's take a look at some of the best and most outlandish from today's matches when South Africa took on Mexico and France played against Uruguay.


This is the official South African host committee.

"Bonjour. My granddaughter Jeanne-Marie kidnapped me, threw a wig on me, and won't let me leave the football stadium. Please send help."


Maybe dressing up like the Pope might be more appropriate for the World Youth Soccer Championships.

"La cucaracha. La cucaracha..."

Just like MC Hammer, they've got to pray just to make it today.

A guy wearing make up. Ur-a-gay. Get it?'re a gay? Never mind.

The French, fried.

Was she in a fight or something?

Mexican and South African—what is this, a new West Village fusion restaurant or something?

Montezuma's Revenge.

The bee guy from The Simpsons toots South Africa's horn.

This English man wasn't actually at one of the games. But, damn that's some dedication.