Today we looked at a teen couple caught making out by Google Maps. This inspired a couple commenters to reminisce about those exciting times of teenage lurve. Or, y'know, lurst.

From wandergrrl:

Ah, remember when you could think of nothing sexier than smooching a guy behind the bleachers? When even the thought of a certain someone putting his arm around you or holding your hand at the skating rink made your ladybits tingle like mad? I love being free to live a unrepentant, slutty grown-up life, but this sure does make me nostalgic for the days when my complete innocence made everything so. much. hotter.

From ligmasagbatch:

Ah, this takes me back. Remember when you were so curious and eager that your standards were highly malleable? "How about right here? Yeah, here will do nicely." And you're, like, squeezed between two arcade games at the Fountainbleau Hotel, feeling like a champ.

Happy Friday, everyone.