Today at Gawker.TV, Betty White doesn't like reality television, the best moments of the new season of The Bachelorette, a 1999 New York Lotto commercial becomes controversial, and Kathie Lee Gifford's Freudian slip reveals a love of fornication.

Betty White Doesn't Like Reality TV
When the Grandmother of American television has a problem with reality programming, maybe it's time to reflect about how truly terrible some shows actually are. In other words, don't expect to see Keepin' It Real with Betty White anytime soon.

Bipasha Basu's 1999 New York Lotto Commercial Goes Viral
South Asian gossip blogs have been a buzz recently over a racy Indian-themed New York Lotto commercial filmed over a decade ago.

Kathie Lee Reveals a Passion for Sex in a Freudian Slip about Fornication
The Today Show's Queen of verbal diarrhea truly outdid herself this morning. While discussing a news item in which a schoolteacher was fired for having sex before marriage, she let the world know her feelings about getting down and dirty.

The Soup Reviews the First Three Episodes of The Bachelorette
If you've missed the first three episodes of The Bachelorette, look no further than Joel McHale to catch you up. Details about the show aren't necessary, but poking fun at the ridiculous participants definitely is!

The Best NBA Jokes From Jimmy Kimmel's Game Night
Game Night might seem like an inappropriate title since the World Cup is not covered, but Jimmy Kimmel still pulls of some solid NBA Finals jokes and gets a dig in at the terrible referees.