When people complain about technology ruining our culture (TV making us illiterate, the internet shortening attention spans) their fears are generally misplaced. Until now. MTV is hunting for its new version of the VJ, the TJ or Twitter Jockey.

In theory, it makes sense: Just as the veejay introduces music videos, the TJ—who will get paid $100,000 a year—will offer weblinks and, uh, whatever else one does on Twitter. But the winner will ultimately just be the biggest fameball and most incessant issuer of "Follow me!" reminders, because those are the people who win Twitter, Facebook, and every other social media enterprise. Remember: the world's first-ever social media celebrity upstart was Tila Tequila. Proceed with caution, MTV. This is the stuff of cultural Apocalypse. [SFGate via RunninScared]