Ask a parent to name the harshest war in which Americans are currently engaged,and most will say "The war against Pampers™ Dry Max diapers. My baby's poor bottom!" The P&G corporation is now ready to win the war. Harshly.

After being "burned," ha, by hordes of ranting parents complaining that this new brand of diapers was giving their tots chemical burns right on the buttocks, P&G had to make a fundamental decision: Do we give up on this Dry Max™ diaper dream? Or do we stand up and fight these motherfuckers? Happily, the WSJ reports, P&G is going to fight. They're increasing advertising spending. They're launching an online PR campaign. And they even invited "two groups of 'mommy bloggers'" to come speak to executives, which is no easy feat.

[One 'mommy blogger'], whose daughter experienced a severe rash when using the new Pampers but subsequently hasn't had problems, said she went to the meeting armed with 13 pages of questions of her own and from her social-network contacts and readers of her blog.

Can you believe that some of us here in the USA grow up to be strident "mommy bloggers," and others spend their adulthoods devising very serious marketing plans with campaign-style tactics designed to co-opt these "mommy bloggers" and thereby influence public opinion to sell a greater quantity of receptacles for baby shit? What a world we live in.

[WSJ. Pic via.]