Traditionally, U.S. states have fallen over each other to offer tax incentives to filmmakers who come and make glamorous "movies" in boring, non-glamorous states. Now, states aren't so sure. Does abundant cannibalism make you want to visit Michigan?

Hollywood types are not going to STAND for CENSORSHIP by some state BUREAUCRAT who refuses to give hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to some kid making a straight-to-DVD B-movie sequel about murderous cannibals run amok in the Michigan wilderness.

"They're never going to do that to a major studio film, because it would create too much of a firestorm," said Michael Shamberg, a producer whose recent credits include "Extraordinary Measures."

Ha, yes, the average American would RISE UP and BURN THE STATEHOUSE were he to learn that anything stood between his hard-earned tax dollars and the smooth financial functioning of the production of an instant classic like Extraordinary Measures, in which Encino Man star Brendan Fraser pretended to be a physician.

I think I am a Republican now.
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