Personal injury lawyer Andrew Smiley runs an ad every Tuesday on NY1 that is meant as a business-bolstering public service announcement. He calls it "Did You Know Tuesday." Unfortunately his spot got hijacked with a stealthily naughty message.

The well-intentioned Smiley, who is always chasing ambulances on New York's favorite home-spun television channel, doesn't seem to know that his farewell line, "See you next Tuesday," is a euphemism for "cunt" that was popularized on an episode of Sex and the City. Get it, C-U-N(ext)-T(uesday)? We're sure that Smiley had no idea what he was doing, and this is just our dirty minds at work on a well-meaning piece of advertising. Either that or some copywriter is having a chuckle at Smiley's expense. We hope that's not the case. We have a feeling he'd sue!