Today at Gawker.TV, Joy Behar sings a song about Eliot Spitzer, Kathy Griffin and Elisabeth Hasselbeck passive-aggressively fight, the The Hard Times for social outcasts, and Warren the Ape is fantastic despite the fact that it's aired on MTV.

Kathy Griffin Lives for Tense Moments on The View
When asked about the insensitivity in her act, Griffin admitted culpability for the sake of humor. This sentiment was not shared by Elisabeth Hasselbeck as she launched into a passive-agressive fight with Griffin who simply remained "cool."

Warren the Ape is So Good, You'll Forget You're Watching MTV
Warren the Ape, beloved character from the short-lived Greg the Bunny series, transformed into a leading man when his new series debuted. The show is so entertaining that you'll forget that you're watching the same network that airs Jersey Shore.

RJ Berger Attempts a Reject Revolution
On last night's episode of Hard Times of RJ Berger, RJ followed in the footsteps of his nerd-teen-TV-movie-character ancestors by running for President of Student Gov. in hopes of dethroning reigning popular-pretty-jock-face-dude.

Joy Behar Sings a Song About Eliot Spitzer
Last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Joy Behar talked about how she loves having hookers on her show and sung a little ditty about Eliot Spitzer's fondness for them as well.

Today's 4th Hour Struggles to Make it Through Vajazzling Discussion
This bizarre clip culminates in Kathie Lee suggesting that the process be finished with a "happy ending"—but it's okay because some guy off-camera said it first! Hoda Kotb, we feel your pain.