If you're a police officer, how do you handle an angry confrontation with a 17-year-old girl who you've stopped for jaywalking? One thing you maybe shouldn't do is punch her in the head. Which is what one Seattle cop did.

On Monday, a police officer patrolling south Seattle caught a group of young women committing the serious offense of jaywalking. He asked them over to his patrol car, at which point they became "verbally antagonistic." One girl tried to walk away, and the officer grabbed her to escort her back to his patrol car; the other girl then attempted to separate the office and the girl. So the officer punched her.

Sounds like a totally normal, everyday interaction with the police, right? You can even watch the video:

(I highly recommend that you don't read the YouTube comments on that video! Unless you are feeling too good about the world, and need to balance it out.)

The girl who got punched was arrested for "Investigation of Assault on an Officer," presumably due to the way she hit the poor cop's fist with the side of her face. They were also both cited for jaywalking, so they definitely learned their lessons.

Seattle PD is conducting a "thorough investigation" into the use of force—they just want you to be aware that "punching is a trained tactic." So maybe this officer missed the day of training that focused on not punching jaywalking teenage girls!

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