Confrontation was the name of the game tonight on the Hills. People got dumped, girls got all up in each others' grills and Brody Jenner continued to be lame. One highlight: someone unironically called Ryan Cabrera a rocker. HA!

I like how this group approaches problems by pretending they don't exist until they confront said problem in the dark corner of some bar in LA and conjure Exorcist style vehement hatred until someone ends up crying. They also make insanely stupid comments whenever possible. No, Kristin, YOU CANNOT PET THE TIGER!

And then some blond bitch confronted Kristin and she showed off an epic STFU face and went home to have sex with Brody Jenner again for being such a gentlemen by parading women from his past around the same bar at the same time. Is this ingenious? Creating drama to get laid all of the time? Probably not. But still, Bromance, give it a break.