Today at Gawker.TV, Kathy Griffin takes us inside her gig at Law & Order: SVU, America's Got Talent unleashes an American Susan Boyle, Ryan Cabrera resurfaces on The Hills, and attention Twihards—Robert Pattinson talks about his nude scenes.

Stephen Colbert Chastises the Marshall Islands and Fate
Going over recent news, Stephen cast judgment on the Marshall Island's involvement in the BP oil spill. With the venom churning, Colbert then directed his ire towards the happiest place on Earth.

Kathy Griffin's Season Opens With Behind-the-Scenes Look at Law & Order: SVU
My Life on the D List returned last night and the show dived right into Kathy's foray into "serious acting." The cameras shed insight to her girl-on-girl kiss with Mariska Hargitay and highlights Kathy hanging out on the SVU set.

Robert Pattinson Discusses his Nude Scenes
It isn't easy parading around naked, even if you are Robert Pattinson. Here he discusses the unique challenges posed by nude filming.

The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Cat Fights
Confrontation was the name of the game tonight on The Hills. People got dumped, girls got all up in each others' grills and Brody Jenner continued to be lame. One highlight: someone un-ironically called Ryan Cabrera a rocker. HA!

Meet Mary: The Woman Who Yodeled Her Way to Vegas
Last night on America's Got Talent, Mary won back the audience by whipping out her mad yodeling skills. She looks like a whack-job Sharon Osbourne, acts like Jane Lynch and is just plain amazing.