Megan Fox Gets Engaged and Loses the Ring in 24 Hours, and Other Turnarounds

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green's second engagement is off to a rocky start. Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus get new tattoos. Farrah Fawcett's ghost barges in on Tori Spelling's psychic reading. Thursday gossip has no manners.

  • Megan Fox and 90210 boyfriend Brian Austin Green are engaged for the second time this year. (They called the first one off.) Apparently he re-proposed at Hawaii's Four Seasons Haulalai and witnesses saw her "jumping up and down." Shortly thereafter, "a half dozen staff [were] sifting through the sand" because Megan Fox lost her two-carat engagement ring the same day she got it. Megan's publicist confirms the ring was never recovered. Bad omen for a "second time's the charm" engagement, no? [Us, CNN, image via Getty]

  • Robert Pattinson prefers briefs to boxers: "When doing all his stunts, Robert likes to feel down below is all in place and not flopping around." Robert Pattinson's floppy genitals: Your unwanted mental image of the day. [NBN second item]

  • Someone saw 16-year-old Justin Bieber boozing at a bar in Maryland and called the cops. But, oops, it was a lesbian lady. False alarm. [TMZ]

  • After eight year of living in sin, Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford tied the knot in New Mexico's governor's mansion with Gov. Bill Richardson officiating. Harrison's kids weren't there, but New Mexico's Supreme Court Chie Justice was. This must be why they waited so long: They knew people powerful enough to pull off something so grand. [P6, Extra]

  • Katy Perry got a Sanskrit tattoo to match fiance Russell Brand: "Anuugacchati pravaha," or "Go with the flow." Sounds better in Sanskrit. [AceShowBiz]

  • Speaking of tats, Miley Cyrus got LOVE tattooed inside her ear. Since she's 17, she must have gotten a permission from her parents. [Superficial]

  • Are you sitting down? This may shock you. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's tales of divorce and heartache are "fake." They made up the tale of Heidi' s affair with marine-turned-bodyguard Cougar Zank and tried to get $100,000 to sell the story to the tabloids. It's like Tony and Tina's Wedding, but these actors wander reality and interact with non-ticketholders, too. [P6]

  • Pulled over for a DUI yesterday, Chris Klein's blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. He blew a 0.20 while cruising Los Angeles' 101 Freeway, his second DUI arrest in six years. Maybe LiLo can be his sober buddy. [TMZ]

  • Tori Spelling tried to summon her dead father at a psychic seance, but the late Farrah Fawcett barged in, instead. "Farrah Fawcett came through in my reading and loud and clear. It was really awkward." [AccessHollywood]

  • Contrary to the (terrifying) rumors, Kate Gosselin is not developing a dating reality show with ABC. She's working on two shows for TLC (parenting show Kate Plus 8 and mysterious solo project Twist of Kate) and the dating rumor apparently started when Jimmy Kimmelly and Kelly Ripa made the same joke about Kate being the next Bachelorette, which she won't be, probably because it violates her contract with TLC, which owns everything she does other than ballroom dancing in humiliating costumes. TLC can have that. [E!]

  • Tony Parker says he and wife Eva Longoria-Parker are "thinking about" having a baby "pretty soon." [Us]

  • Seinfeld producer Larry David says the tale of ex-wife Laurie canoodling Al Gore is "complete nonsense." I'm not sure how he'd know that, since he and Laurie divorced after she canoodled their housesitter, but whatever, the story was farfetched from the get-go and Laurie denies it, too. [P6]

  • Rihanna's backstage demands: Animal-print throw pillows, "Archipelago Black Forest Candles," a clean floor so she can walk around barefoot. [TSG]

  • Are January Jones and Bobby Flay having an affair? January called him after her car accident, and he claimed they'd only met that day and he "didn't know why" she'd call him. Bobby's married to Assistant District Attorney Law & Order: SVU actress Stephanie March, but is a known cheater. Stephanie is his third wife and is tall, blonde, and willowy, just like Jan. [Celebitchy, Jezebel]

  • After Gary Coleman's ex-wife and ex-girlfriend fought over who got to plan his funeral, a judge appointed an independent attorney to sort it out, and he decided there would be no funeral at all. Solomonic. [AP]