Here's a very brief teaser trailer for the upcoming live-action/animation hybrid movie The Smurfs, based on the totally smurfy cartoon series from 198smurf. It mostly stars Michael Musto and looks... well, appropriately dated.

Well sure there's all that 3D business and the whole modern Manhattan setting — a city of glass and steel and very few enchanted toadstools where the lone female in town (well there are two if you count Vanity Smurf, who is a total gay person, ha ha) is ritually mated with — that make the film feel very Now and Hip, but at the same time it is based on a 1980s cartoon and they play that Tone Loc "Wild Thing" song in the trailer, which no normal movie trailer maker in their right mind would ever put into a movie trailer in 2010, so of course it is old and from forever ago! Plus Doogie Howser introduces it, so really this is a trailer for a movie that comes out back when you are maybe 9 or 10 and you live at home and, thankfully, the internet doesn't exist. Of course the paradox of you watching a movie trailer on the internet when the internet doesn't actually exist is going to destroy the world and suck us all into a black hole of terrible Gargamel's design, but, hey, what the hell. I still feel pretty Smurfy. (I don't even know what that means anymore.)