Today we looked at Massachusetts senator Scott Brown's Fourth of July essay contest, for which he's charging $50 per entry. We're not sure what Brown's tastes are, but we think one commenter has it locked up.

From MattGaymon:

Fireworks blistered the night sky over the lake. I smiled nostalgically as I watched them explode, hugging myself against the breeze. I was spending July 4th alone but not lonely that summer. I looked around from happy gathering to happy gathering, and a man's gaze caught mine. Tall. Fit. Handsome as a sportswear model, half his face in silhouette. Two daughters and a wife, I noticed, but he wanted me, something told me he'd been looking at me for minutes. Seizing the moment I nodded my head toward the public lockers a few yards away, then I watched him lean in to his family, excusing himself with an apologetic smile.

The locker room was empty and dark. He smelled faintly of Irish Spring and strongly of charcoal smoke and I almost gasped when he kissed me. A kisser, huh? And a good one. Not that we had time to kiss. His hands found my belt while my hands found his, and we ripped down our shorts as a man. I got on my knees and took him into my mouth. He finished a little too quickly, even given the circumstances. I got up for my turn, but he was already pulling up his shorts. "Thanks man," he whispered, as he handed me a fifty dollar bill.

Here's your $50 back.