Incredibly narrow, self-centered Washington socialite Sally Quinn still has access to the Washington Post publishing system, apparently, and has tricked an editor into running her latest stupid, hilarious column: why Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton should (and will) switch jobs.

When last we heard of Quinn, she was telling Vanity Fair about the deep emotional agony she went through after her most recent Post party column, "The Party," was nixed for being an offensive, 800-word thought vacuum in which she'd just whine about her personal scheduling conflicts. It took her many meditation sessions in her actual countryside concrete labyrinth to make peace with this.

But now she's back and opining in political columns, and some of us are self-loathing enough to read them. So: why does this glib Georgetown nutball think Clinton and Biden — both of whom, she notes, are quite good and useful and satisfied with their current jobs — should "swap jobs" at some point in the next two years? Because it would be delightful, of course! Barack Obama would be "unbeatable" in 2012 with Hillary Clinton on the ticket, after this incredibly awkward high-level government shakeup was announced out of nowhere and speculated on in all kinds of awful, unnecessary ways, forever.

Check out Sally Quinn trying to figure out the logistics of this near the end, and not being able to, and then just concluding that this is going to happen so shut up!

It would not be out of the question for Clinton and Biden to switch jobs sometime after the midterm elections. After the president announced the switch, majorities in both houses of Congress would have to confirm Clinton to her new position, following the rules laid out in the 25th Amendment. She could then immediately begin campaigning for Obama for 2012, and she would also have at least two years in the White House as vice president to give her unassailable experience, clout and credibility. For his part, Biden would simply need Senate confirmation to get to work in Foggy Bottom.

Another scenario is that Obama could wait and choose Hillary as his running mate for 2012 and then simply have her step down as secretary of state so she could start campaigning. The catch with that plan, however, is that it would make Biden a lame duck and Obama would probably have to appoint an interim secretary of state. At any rate, this plan is being discussed in administration circles.

Take it seriously.

Eh, no.