Oh. My. God. If you're easily disturbed, this video—in which a mother enlists her two young sons to help with a raunchy-as-hell amateur video to Yo Gotti's "5 Star Chick"—is not for you. Otherwise, come on in!

Here's the video; afterward, I'll break down the most noteworthy offenses (and LAWD are there a lot of them).

So, let's summarize. In just over two minutes, we manage to see:

  • 1) A child say "Dick in the butt, a dick, a butt."
  • 2) The mother, with at least one face tattoo (the other could be a giant mole?), seductively approach the camera.
  • 3) The camera pan down to reveal the fact that the woman's midriff is completely exposed, before she starts bumpin' and grindin' all over the room.
  • 4) One son jump on the bed in an attempt to "Make It Rain" on momma as the younger one tries to stuff some bills into her pants.
  • 5) The mother simulate oral sex with the younger child, who then tries to stuff money into her belly button.
  • 6) The older child spray whipped cream into the mother's eager mouth.
  • 7) The mother put some sort of liquid on her stomach before grabbing a box of mac and cheese and pouring it down her entire body.

Did I miss anything? Honestly, I don't even want to watch it again and check.

Ick. Nast. WTF.

[YouTube via Vulture]