We here at Gawker.TV love our dads. But we really love our TV dads, for they taught us everything we'd need to know about life in under an hour. From the Danny Tanners to the Frank Costanzas, we salute you!

This gallery's got eight of our staffer's favorite from pops from TV Land. The good, the bad, and the cheesy. But what about yours? Leave your favorite TV fathers in the comments.

And for even more TV Dads, check out this timeline of the chubbier contingent.

1. Mike Brady - The Brady Bunch

The ultimate step dad, Mike Brady took those three blonde brats under his wing. But to be fair, Florence Henderson is really hot. - Tim Torba

2. Ward Cleaver - Leave it to Beaver

The king of all cheese, Ward Cleaver is arguably patient zero when it comes to awkward dad talk. Poor Wally. - Gene Delsener

3. George Bluth - Arrested Development

Easily one of my favorite Arrested Development moments of all three seasons, this flashback to the Bluth's childhood shines insight into George Sr.'s hilarious-yet-awful parenting tactics. - Whitney Jefferson

4. Danny Tanner - Full House

Bob Saget is the opposite of a loving father (have you heard his version of The Aristocrats?) but that makes the uber nerdy Danny Tanner that much more unbelievable. Somebody get this man an Emmy. - Kristina Lucarelli

5. Frank Costanza - Seinfeld

Frank Costanza is the ultimate eccentric, pushy, and lovably controlling Queens dad. After all, it was him who gave the world the gift of Festivus (for the rest of us), along with plenty of tidbits of extremely shrill wisdom. - Eleni Crush

6. Frank Reynolds - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Frank Reynolds is the worst of the worst fathers ever. He drinks, he poops in places poop should never be, he hides naked in couches, he loves Christmas fake-outs, the list goes on. That's why we're happy we have Dee, Dennis, and Charlie to laugh at. - Caroline Newman

7. Don Wrigley - The Adventures of Pete & Pete

The Brothers Pete's father was a loving figure even though he let his boys hang out with a middle-aged man in a catsuit. He's also got skills with a metal detector. - Henry Baker

8. Eric Camden - 7th Heaven

Reverend Eric Camden is quite possibly the ultimate father figure in all of conservative, Protestant-leaning television history. He's there for his congregation. He's there for his abnormally large family. But most of all, he's there for those weepy moments where only inspirational words taken from the Scriptures, and a well-placed hug, will do. - Michelle Cacciatore