So Hillary Clinton really did blow the administration's rollout when she told an Ecuadorian television interviewer that the administration would sue over Arizona's immigration law, which a Justice Department official has now confirmed. How "old Hillary Clinton" of her.

Hillary Clinton has been a great secretary of state, really. So disciplined and professional. This is why Sally Quinn will appoint her to the vice presidency at some point.

So this was pretty uncharacteristic of her, to mention this in an interview anywhere before the Justice Department had finished its legwork and the Administration had prepared a public rollout. It's reminiscent of that funny tendency she and Bill had during her presidential campaign, when they'd throw out strange lines like "I dodged sniper fire in Bosnia while first lady, so I have foreign policy experience," just to pander to specific, local audiences, without realizing that there is a goddamn YoutTube nowadays. In this latest incident, she was actually being honest, probably wanting to make good with Ecuadorians. But they can upload videos to the Internet down there too. The same Internet we use up here!

Anyway, after a Justice Department official confirmed Clinton's claim today to CBS News, a State Department spokesman responded with, basically, "Yeah... we've got nothing."

Contacted about Clinton's comments today, State Department spokesman PJ Crowley said they reflected her beliefs.

"The Secretary was asked about the Arizona law during a TV interview in Ecuador," he said. "She believes that a better approach is comprehensive immigration reform, and said so. Regarding how far along the legal review is, that is a matter for the Department of Justice."

The Department of Justice would probably agree — it is their matter, until the damn gossips at State start jabbering.