This week we had so much happen that we need to break it down into categories. Luckily, they're some of Gawker's favorite categories.

SEX: the Kennedys had an orgy, Justin Bieber got syphilis, and Real Housewife Danielle Staub made the worst sex tape in the history of sex tapes.

STUPID KIDS: Meg Whitman's kid, the demurely named Griffith Rutherford Harsh V, is a total dick, Levi Johnston's sister has a delusional website, and a pretend Samsung heiress got caught smuggling lotsss of drugs.

THE INTERNET: Perez Hilton is a dumb blogmonster who posts upskirt photos of underagers on his Twitter, Facebook maker Mark Zuckerberg totally likes icing his bros (could also go in the STUPID KIDS category), and some people just don't know how to use the Reply All button.

OIL SPILLZ: Idiot politicians are apologizing to BP for government shakedowns. If we don't stop this thing the results are going to be calamitious. Oh, but don't worry! Kevin Costner is here to save the day.

AMERICAN APPAREL: The trendy clothing line has very specific grooming rules. Their impossibly attractive employees back up the claim.

So that is it! Happy weekend, please get off the internet. (Or actually don't! Read Adrian Chen all weekend long!)

Oh, and Happy Father's Day.

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