Tonight's MuchMusic Video Awards (like Canada's VMAs, but worse/younger) are ripe with awkwardness. First, Miley Cyrus attempted to introduce Drake while bitching about her cue cards. Then, Drake refused to start his performance after a technical mishap. Video inside.

As you can see from the video, host Cyrus is about as good at reading cue cards as she is performing live (take your pick from the list). And Drake is a little diva, apparently, as a "missing ear" caused him to refuse to start—and made us sit through a couple of the most awkward moments of random screaming girls ever. Even the poor cohost was confused when the camera cut back to her, fumbling to come up with something on the fly to distract from the shitfest that had just unfolded.

That's all, folks.

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[2010 MuchMusic Awards]