Today is the longest day of the year! And while you are spending it writing emails to Justin Bieber, or whatever it is you do, some of the most magnificent weirdos you will ever meet are celebrating at Stonehenge.

What are you doing to celebrate Midsummer? In ancient times, your ancestors regarded the summer solstice as a holy moment, and marked the occasion with elaborate festivals and fertility rituals. You will maybe buy yourself an extra donut, or something. And while you ignore one of humanity's oldest holidays, a small but brave group of nerds and hippies will take up the noble cause of the ancients, and gather in hilarious costumes around a pile of rocks and just generally have a blast.

See, Stonehenge was built to align with the sun when it rises on Midsummer's day. And every year, nowadays, thousands of people show up to party and thank the mother goddess, or whatever. Is it historically accurate? Probably not! (It's not like we have any clue what Stonehenge was for, or what druids were like, but they probably did not wear capes of crushed red velvet or work in finance.) And admittedly, I have no real idea what this motley collection of old hippies and fantasy geeks do as part of their made-up Celtic rituals. But it looks totally fun, in a kind of embarrassing way.


So I say grab your amethyst-tipped wand and your Enya CD and get out there and celebrate the longest day of the year! Encourage your co-workers to join in! Use the costumes in the gallery as a guide (bonus points for a cow skull).

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[AP; Pics via Getty]