Suspected murderer Joran van der Sloot told a Dutch newspaper that he was "tricked" into confessing to the murder of Stephany Flores Ramirez in Peru last month, and was promised he would be transferred to the Netherlands.

Van der Sloot is due in court today in Peru for a hearing into the killing of Flores, which he has already confessed to. But he told the Dutch paper De Telegraaf, "In my blind panic I signed everything, but never knew what was written on them." His lawyer wants the confession nullified in court because van der Sloot was not properly represented.

CNN was given transcripts of the confession by a police source in Peru, which police say was taken from van der Sloot legally:

There was blood everywhere," van der Sloot said in the transcripts. "What am I going to do now. I had blood on my shirt. There was also blood on the bed, so, I took my shirt and put it on her face, pressing hard, until I killed Stephany."

At that moment impulsively, with my right elbow I hit her in the face exactly on top of the nose," van der Sloot said. "I think she started to faint. It affected me so that I grabbed her from the neck and strangled her for a minute."

Van der Sloot said he wanted to hide Flores' body, but instead fled the scene and was arrested in Chile four days later. He told police in Chile that Flores had been killed by robbers. Meanwhile, van der Sloot continues to hang out in his jail cell and has made friends with his neighbor, a Colombian hit man.

[Image via AP]