Sex criminal Nicolas Cocaign is on trial for beating his prison cellmate, stabbing him with a pair of scissors, cutting him open, popping out a rib, ripping out a lung, and eating it with a side of fried onions.

The Telegraph reports that Cocaign is believed to have beat cellmate Thierry Baudry with his fists and feet, then stabbed with scissors, then suffocated him with a plastic bag, then sliced his chest open with a razor, them broke a rib out, then reached in and extracted a chunk of flesh he believed to be Baudry's heart, but was really his lung.

He is accused of eating part of the lung raw and then frying the rest of it with some onions on a makeshift cooker in the cell in the Rouen prison.

"I wanted to take his soul," Mr Cocaign, who at the time of the crime was in custody awaiting trial for attempted armed robbery, allegedly told an investigating judge probing the case.

A third inmate witnessed the whole bloody affair. Abandoned at a young age, Cocaign was raised in foster care. (And, yes, his name is pronounced "cocaine." More weirdness.) As an adult he was sent to psychiatric hospitals for trying to force his wife in sadomasochistic sex sessions, is accused of trying to rape another woman, and ended up in jail for "extortion and sexual aggression."

Plus, he's really scary looking. [Telegraph, DailyMail via Section334, image via Getty]