The people in the New Mexico town where Val Kilmer lives hate him. They're holding up permits for turning his home into a bed & breakfast because he called them a bunch of killer drunks. Now the ACLU is involved!

Apparently Kilmer, whose recent credits include the dud MacGruber and eating himself into a stupor, wants to turn his 6,000-acre plot outside of Santa Fe into an upscale retreat for the well-to-do. However the towns people are holding up the necessary paperwork until he publicly apologizes for saying both "80% of the people in my county are drunk," and describing his part of the state as "the homicide capital of the Southwest" in magazine interviews. The townsfolk, who may or may not have pitchforks and torches, seem irrationally upset about these comments. The ACLU got wind of this and is defending Kilmer, because he should be able to say whatever the hell he wants about the homicidal boozers he surrounds himself with without having to fear retribution. The whole case is a little daffy, but we have to say it's the most interesting thing that has happened to Val Kilmer since Willow.

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