The Green Hornet Will Be Just Like Every Other Action Comedy Ever

In the new trailer for this January's adaptation of the comic book The Green Hornet, Seth Rogen cracks jokes, plays off a stoic sidekick, and blows stuff up. We have seen this movie so many times before.

The gist of the story (at least from the trailer) is that Rogen—bumbling about like a teddy bear with the stuffing falling out, as usual—plays the very rich son of a media mogul. When his father dies, he realizes he has done nothing with his life and decides to enlist the help of his father's manservant and become a super hero. The story is based on the Lachlan Murdoch biography that will be released in 2026. But he's not just any hero, he's a hero posing as a criminal so that they can break into the underground and expose it. Oh, and Cameron Diaz plays his secretary. You know she has to be a cop or a corporate spy or something because you know Cammy D didn't sign up to play no stinking secretary. Anyway, jokey rich guy, stoic Asian butler who does kung-fu, explosions—this thing is basically just Batman mixed with Rush Hour with some Bad Boys thrown in for good measure. How original!