Jennifer Wilbanks—who in 2005 ditched her wedding, blamed an imaginary Hispanic rapist for her cold feet, and unsuccessfully tried to sue her ex for talking about her—is unemployed and knee-deep in credit card debt.

Page Six reports that the googly-eyed runaway has $30,000 in debt on store credit cards at Old Navy, Wal-Mart, Victoria's Secret, and Kohl's. Her only income is her new boyfriend's monthly stipend of $1000. Apparently she has accomplished very little since her sole claim to fame, starting a media shitstorm that became a symbol of the deficits of news media and modern attention spans. Rarely has a single human so perfectly embodied so many terrible things about a nation. We should grant her some debt relief as a "thank you" ("we're sorry"?) for being such a good voodoo doll. [P6, 2005 photo used during Jennifer's search via AP]