Today at Gawker.TV, Stephen Colbert would like to have sex in space, Elisabeth Hasselbeck has a problem with Joy Behar's "bigotry," TV's beloved Greg the Bunny loses his innocence, and an odd photoshoot involving nakedness and food on True Beauty.

Seasoned Bigot Elisabeth Hasselbeck Calls Out Joy Behar's "Bigotry"
Today The View discussed Janeane Garofalo's comment that President Obama's call for prayer during his speech was "anti-intellectual." Behar argues the distinction between logic and faith, but Hasselbeck is offended by such "discrimination" and yells at Behar for her "bigotry."

Warren the Ape Defiles Greg the Bunny's Innocence, Virginity
Fans of Greg the Bunny were excited to tune into MTV's Warren the Ape last night to see the former's lead character back in action. Unfortunately, Warren's awful deeds led the squeaky-clean Greg down a path to ass-rape and jail.

Stephen Colbert Really Wants To Have Sex In Space
Stephen showcases the best way to ruin a job interview and is not subtle at all about why he wants to be an astronaut.

True Beauty's Gross Food-Modeling Competition Lush with Sexual Innuendos
Last night, True Beauty contestants had to model various foods. David peeled his banana, Craig had a crotch full of crabs, and Erika's bosom got creamed. While the food was fresh, the contestants souls were slowly decomposing.

RJ Berger's Boner is Not Duct Tape Proof
RJ auditions for the school play—a West Side Story-meets-Twilight mash-up—to get closer to Jenny. RJ is known to have a giant ...muscle, and during the climactic kiss his beastly member unleashes upon the audience. Hilarious humiliation after link.