"17 stitches later" Katy Perry contemplates using a walker onstage. The cast of Glee won't stop banging on set. Conan and Lance Armstrong get in a Twitter fight. Tiki Barber is broke. Wednesday gossip gets you through the hump.

  • In Canada for the Much Music Video Awards, Katy Perry danced so hard she hurt herself, requiring 17 stitches to repair a mysterious injury. She tweeted, "17 stitches later... Don't make fun of my dance moves toorrow. That's what got me here in the 1st place! Thanks for the souvenir, Canada :)!" She is now contemplating a "candy cane walker" to get through upcoming performances. [@katyperry,P6, image via Pacific Coast News]

  • Speaking of Katy, she and Russell Brand have apparently ordered Latex outfits for their wedding ceremony. Her costumes and music videos tell us way too much about their sex life. [Sun]

  • Ryan Seacrest and Dancing with the Stars ballroom expert turned recording artist Julianne Hough are getting "more serious" because "they're perfect for each other." Or for deflecting gay rumors and launching a music career. [People]

  • The cast of Glee can't stop getting it on. Producer Ryan Murphy had to make a rule banning sex in the actors' trailers, but "they've broken that rule on many occasions. I'm like, 'I know you guys are young and hormonal, but don't do it in your trailer.' I'm the dad, that's what I say." Grossness of bringing paternal feelings into it aside, let's figure out which actors are knocking boots: Jenna Ushkowitz and Kevin McHale (Tina and Artie) are dating in real life, so obviously them. And Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff are so used to stage makeouts, they probably just shove their tongues down each others' throats instead of shaking hands. [Telegraph]

  • Conan O'Brien and Lance Armstrong got in a Twitter fight to celebrate the Summer Solstice. [@conanobrien, @lancearmstrong, P6]
Katy Perry Danced So Hard She Broke Something
Katy Perry Danced So Hard She Broke Something
Katy Perry Danced So Hard She Broke Something
  • Vienna Girardi, who dumped The Bachelor's Jake Pavelka mere months after winning his heart via reality TV, says the pair "haven't been intimate for months now. More than four months." That's more than half of their entire relationship." Now she's partying in front of cameras with new beau Gregory Michael, an actor from Greek. Does she know how to fall in love without the aid of cameras? [Star, TMZ]

  • Matt Damon and wife Luciana made out in public and "danced up a storm" with John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. New parents on a rare night out: Priceless. [P6]

  • Another Real Housewife goes bankrupt. This is what happens when your career revolves around conspicuous consumption. [P6]

  • Ex-NFL star and inactive Today Show host Tiki Barker is broke and unemployed. Or, that's the excuse he's giving his ex-wife, whose divorce settlement he refuses to pay, because he says the Today Show fired him for banging an intern and leaving his wife for her. This is incredible, considered he played in the NFL for close to a decade, had a $300K salary at NBC, and wrote all those books with his twin brother. Either he's hiding his money, or he's sleazy and fiscally imprudent. [P6]

  • "Furious Sadie Frost bans Sienna Miller from daughter's ballet recital after haircut row." Sadie's power lies in her children's hair—cut it off, and she will panic. [DailyMail]

  • American Idol star Kelly Pickler is engaged to her songwriter boyfriend. He proposed on a Florida beach at sunset. [People]

  • Prince Albert II of Monaco, a rotund man with a receding hairline and more money than you can imagine, is engaged to South African swimmer Charlene Wittstock, who is really, really gorgeous. Mazel tov to the happy couple. [People]