Entrepreneurs courting Eric Schmidt's venture capital fund should note an emerging pattern: The Google CEO seems to have a fondness for his mistress' snug friends.

Schmidt's TomorrowVentures LLC just made a well-publicized, $2 million investment in Social Gaming Network, a maker of iPhone apps. Social Gaming Network was started by Shervin Pishevar who, in addition to investing in one company acquired by Google, joins Schmidt's sometime girlfriend Marcy Simon in documenting their time together, on Twitter:

More recently, the two were seen together at the Wall Street Journal's D conference, held at a resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Pic via Down the Avenue:

Simon also recently tweeted this intriguing sequence of posts, calling out Pishevar as a nearby friend in "romantic" Sag Harbor:

This pattern has come up before at TomorrowVentures. At the fund's inception last year, Schmidt appointed the "dear friend" of sometime girlfriend Kate Bohner, Court Coursey, his managing director.

Simon's friend Pishevar, then, makes two consorts of Schmidt's mistresses in his venture-capital inner circle. Of course, as we said last time around, maybe these overlapping ties are just random and coincidental. But the Google chief should be aware of appearances, if only because Silicon Valley startup founders can get desperate. If they think there's coin in cozying up to Schmidt's (ex-)mistresses, they'll be even more aggressive than Valleywag in tracking them down. And that can't end well.