Remember when BP was perceived—thanks to hundreds of millions of dollars worth of advertising—as the "green" oil company? (That was only a couple months ago). Now, Shell is seeking to grab that totally made-up title. With advertising!

Mike Bush reports that Shell's massive new ad campaign, with the safely vague slogan "Let's Go," is the company's sly attempt at "going after a space once owned by BP." Well, why not? There's billions in brand equity just laying around waiting to be picked up! As a Shell spokeswoman tells Ad Age, "I am able to keep robotically uttering corporate doublespeak until your tape recorder runs out." Seriously, find one sentence that spokeswoman says that communicates an actual discernible position, and I will buy you a free tank of gas. Absolutely magnificent use of meaningless patter, on the part of Shell PR.

Anyhow, Shell loves Japanese kids with guitars.

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